About Us

So you woke up late, got stuck in traffic on your way to work, and had to listen to your co-worker Sharon talk endlessly about this new juice cleanse she’s trying. And on top of that it’s only Monday. 

Sometimes life is too much to handle. Sometimes you need to cry in your car for a minute about your less-than-stellar performance review. 

We get it. It’s times like these you need to take a second, make a fresh cup of tea, and chill the fuck out. 

At Sipping Levitea we try not to take life so seriously. With the onslaught of work email notifications, spam callers who never leave voicemails, and texts from your crazy sister-in-law, we aim to bring a little hint of joy (dare I say “Levity”) into your day. Forget all the mumbo jumbo about health benefits of tea. We all know that that the few minutes of alone time with a steaming beverage can bring you back from the brink of insanity. 

Sipping Levitea goes one step further. We believe your tea should be an expression of you, and that starts with the canister. The tea canister does more than transport deliciousness, it tells a story. Whether you’re buying the tea for yourself or for a friend, our labels are sure to send a message and make you smile along the way. Our teas are one part classy, one part sassy, and a whole lot of flavor. 

Our process is simple: select your favorite label, choose the exact tea you want, and place your order. In no time you will be kicking back with a fresh brew, watching your worries drift away.  
Brandon Muschlitz, Owner Sipping Levitea
Brandon Muschlitz, Owner Sipping Levitea